What is the Bad Smell of Air Conditioner?

Mar. 27, 2020

Recently, the highest temperature in Beijing, China, has reached 25°C. From winter to spring, it feels like overnight. Someone has turned on the mode of early warm air and noon air conditioning. However, many car owners find that there is a slight odor when the air conditioner is turned on. This odor is like a musty smell, but there is no odor when the heater is turned on. This phenomenon is probably caused by mold in the air conditioning evaporation box. Why does the evaporation box mold? How to clean up if it is moldy? The following Ford Focus AC Condenser Supplier will tell you.

Before talking about why the evaporation box is moldy, let's briefly talk about the working principle of car air conditioners. Automobile air conditioner is composed of compressor, condenser, liquid storage dryer, expansion valve, Evaporator and refrigerant. It uses the constant frequency cycling of the refrigerant to achieve the cooling effect. The characteristic of liquid refrigerant is that it can be vaporized at normal temperature. When it is heated, it becomes a vapor to absorb the surrounding heat, and when it is cold, it becomes a liquid to release its own heat. The place where the refrigerant absorbs heat is in the evaporator. The common one is the BMW Auto AC Evaporator. The evaporator is placed in a box. This place is the evaporation box.

BMW Auto AC Evaporator

BMW Auto AC Evaporator

As the temperature of the air around the evaporator decreases, water vapor in the air will condense into water droplets. Cold air is blown into the cabin by a blower. Water droplets will flow out of the drainage holes of the evaporation box, but not all water droplets can be discharged. There will be some leftovers. Over time, this dark and humid place is prone to mold formation. The mold is blown by the blower and brought into the compartment, and the moldy smell can be smelled inside the vehicle. And mold usually contains many harmful bacteria.

How to clean the evaporation box?

Now that the evaporation box is moldy, it needs to be cleaned. We can clean the evaporation box by ourselves and buy a bottle of special air-conditioning cleaning agent. This cleaning agent is not expensive. For big brands, it costs tens of yuan per bottle, and one bottle is enough for cleaning. You can also go to professional Place clean the evaporation box. Evaporator is easier to clean. First turn on the airflow of the air conditioner to the maximum, and then inject the cleaning agent into the evaporation box. After standing for a while, the cleaning agent will flow out from the drainage hole of the evaporation box, so that the evaporation box is clean.

The air conditioning evaporation box seems easy to clean, it is injected with detergent, but the actual operation will produce completely different results depending on the model. Some models have the evaporation box at the rear of the air conditioning filter, and some models have a dedicated detergent injection hole. Some models are in the lower part of the central control. If the evaporation box is relatively outside, the owner can clean it by himself. After all, there are relatively few parts to be disassembled. If the evaporation box is relatively deep, a large number of parts need to be removed to fill the cleaning agent. At this time, it is better to find a professional. Do it yourself, disassemble and find that multiple parts are bad.

How to reduce mold in the evaporation box?

Mold in the evaporator is difficult to avoid, but there are ways to reduce the probability of mold. First, if you are not in a hurry to turn off the air conditioner after each use of the air conditioner, you can first turn off the AC switch, let the natural wind blow for a while, and then turn off the air volume switch to allow the air conditioning pipeline to return to temperature and eliminate the temperature difference with the outside world, thereby keeping the air conditioning system relatively dry. . Second, after rainy weather, open the natural air or warm air to dry the air-conditioning pipes in time after sunny. Third, reduce the storage of foreign objects in the car, the odor of these items will enter the evaporation box with the air conditioning system, causing mildew.

The weather is getting hotter and the use of air conditioners is becoming more and more mundane. At this time, if you find that the air conditioning system has a musty smell, you can start cleaning the air conditioning evaporation box. This is not only responsible for vehicle maintenance, but also responsible for your own health. If you can clean it yourself, it will be a great accomplishment and save a lot of money.

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