The Difference Between Condenser And Evaporator

Oct. 25, 2019

What is the difference between a condenser and an evaporator used in an automotive refrigeration system? The A/c Refrigerant Discharge Hose Manufacturers will come to tell you.

1, the condenser overview

The condenser is a component of the refrigeration system. It is a type of heat exchanger that converts gas or vapor into a liquid and transfers the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast manner. The condenser working process is an exothermic process, so the condenser temperature is high. The power plant uses a number of condensers to condense the vapors from the turbine. A condenser is used in the freezer to condense refrigeration vapors such as ammonia and Freon. Condensers in the petrochemical industry condense hydrocarbons and other chemical vapors. In the distillation process, the means for converting the vapor into a liquid is also referred to as a condenser. All condensers operate by taking away the heat of the gas or vapor.

Ford Focus Auto AC Evaporator

Ford Focus Auto AC Evaporator

2, evaporator overview

The evaporator is a very important component in the four major parts of refrigeration. The low-temperature condensed liquid passes through the evaporator, exchanges heat with the outside air, and vaporizes and absorbs heat to achieve the cooling effect. The evaporator is mainly composed of a heating chamber and an evaporation chamber. The heating chamber supplies the liquid with the heat required for evaporation, causing the liquid to boil and vaporize; the evaporation chamber completely separates the gas-liquid two phases. such as the work of the Ford Focus Auto AC Evaporator is also done like this.

3, the difference between the condenser and the evaporator

What are the differences between the condenser and the evaporator? First of all, both the condenser and the evaporator are attributed to the heat exchange equipment, but the condenser is a heat release component and the evaporator is a heat absorption component, both of which are indispensable parts of the refrigeration equipment. Let's take a look at the difference between the condenser and the evaporator.

The working mode of the condenser and the evaporator is different. The condenser is to liquefy the medium and release heat to the outside; the evaporator is the heat absorption and vaporization of the medium, which absorbs the external heat, that is, the refrigerant changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state. In a condensation exothermic process, the internal pressure is generally high; and the evaporator refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gaseous state, which is an evaporation endothermic process, and the internal pressure is generally low.

The condenser is one of the main heat exchange devices in the refrigeration device. Its function is to cool and condense the refrigerant superheated steam discharged from the chiller into a refrigerant liquid, and radiate heat to the cooling medium. Commonly used cooling media are: water and air. As a heat releasing component, the condenser can convert the high-temperature and high-pressure gas refrigerant compressed by the compressor into a low-temperature high-pressure liquid, and thus dissipate heat to the outside, and it is sucked and discharged by the evaporator, thereby achieving heat conservation. Divided from the structure, it can be divided into shell-and-tube type, casing type, plate type, and watering type.

The evaporator is a device for heat exchange between a refrigerant and a low-temperature heat source in a refrigeration system, and is also one of the main heat exchange devices in a refrigeration device. In the evaporator, the refrigerant liquid vaporizes and absorbs the heat of the cooled medium at a low pressure and a low temperature, and becomes a refrigerant dry saturated gas or superheated steam at a low temperature and a low pressure, thereby generating and outputting a cooling amount in the refrigeration system. The evaporator is located between the throttle valve and the return air header of the refrigerator or between the liquid supply and return air pipes of the vapor-liquid separation device, and is installed in a cold room or a place where cooling or freezing is required. As a heat absorbing component, the evaporator uses the characteristics of liquid low-temperature refrigerant to be volatile at low pressure, converts it into steam and absorbs the heat of the cooled medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Divided from the structure, it can be divided into box type, tube type, plate type and other different types.

The above is the difference between the condenser and the evaporator. If you are interested in the car condenser and evaporator, you can contact us. We mainly do Auto AC Condenser Wholesale, which can provide you with high-quality products. Welcome to buy.

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