Maintenance Method of Automobile Condenser

Feb. 29, 2020

Condenser is an important part of automobile air conditioner, which affects the cooling effect. So how to clean the automobile condenser? Let's take a look at the maintenance method of automobile condenser with the Ford Focus AC Condenser Supplier.

Automobile condenser cleaning method

1. Mix the detergent with water. The washing product of the condensing net is alkaline and slightly corrosive to the condenser, so it is important to reduce the concentration with water, because too high a concentration can only be washed very cleanly, but the corrosivity cannot be ignored.

2. Start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and make the electronic fan rotate. First rinse with clean water, and use the rotation of the fan to spread the clean water throughout the condenser. It must be flushed in place. The electronic fan may stop because the condenser temperature is too low. At this time, stop flushing the water and let the condenser The temperature rises, causing the electronic fan to restart.

3. After the entire condenser is soaked, spray the washed washing product on the surface of the condenser with water spraying tools (such as watering flowers, etc.). At this time, the electronic fan should also be running and use it. The operation is sucked and distributed to all corners, it is estimated that it is enough to spray. At this time, turn off the air conditioner and engine, and observe the surface of the condenser. After a few minutes, you will see that the dirt on the surface will slowly "float" with some small foam. Wait a few minutes (we usually wait ten to ten minutes) Fifteen minutes, depending on the concentration).

4. Turn on the air conditioner again to rotate the fan. At this time, rinse with a lot of water. The more thorough the flushing, the better. This step should not be lazy. When the flush is enough, you will find that the surface of the condenser is clean. Wash the condenser like new.

Some car owners are afraid that they are not professional enough to drive their cars to a professional car wash shop for professionals to help with cleaning. In fact, this is a lot of money.

Hummer H3 Auto AC Condenser

Hummer H3 Auto AC Condenser

The above introduces the related content of how to clean the car condenser, let's take a look at the air conditioning use and maintenance skills together.

Air conditioning use skills

Many times, air conditioning problems are caused by improper use. Experts say that there are many techniques when using air conditioners.

1. Pay attention to wind speed gear switching. In normal operation of the car, in order to prevent excessive frosting of the evaporator and affect the operation of the air conditioning system, the air supply speed and temperature control of the air conditioner should not be kept at the same time for a long time. However, when the vehicle speed is lower than 25km / h, the wind speed switch should be set to a low speed position to avoid insufficient power generation and insufficient air conditioning.

2. The efficiency of the air-conditioning system is highest when the hot air is exhausted before the air-conditioning windows are closed. However, if the car is parked for a long time under the hot sun and the car is very hot, after opening the air conditioner, open the window and wait for the hot air in the car to turn off. In this way, the cooling speed of the air conditioner will be greatly accelerated.

3. Start the internal circulation to improve the cooling efficiency. Although the internal circulation function of the air conditioner is not advocated for a long time, if you want to achieve the fastest and most effective refrigeration, the internal circulation must not be ignored. Another function of the internal circulation is to prevent dirty air from entering. If the car is driving on a dusty road, the internal circulation can prevent the outside dust from entering.

4, flexible choice of air outlet wind direction cooling air conditioner's wind direction is best upwards, because the cold air will sink downwards, the wind direction gear position is best to choose the blowing surface block. Adjusting the air outlet upwards works best. Do not choose a windshield, because the temperature of the windshield glass is very high, which will offset a large part of the cooling effect.

The above is the maintenance method of automobile condenser introduced by the supplier of Hummer H3 Auto AC Condenser.

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