Dragon Boat Festival Comes

Customized Auto Ac Condenser Factory Warm reminder: Dragon Boat Festival comes.The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

Jun. 06, 2019
What Do You Think About AC Condenser?

An Ac Condenser is a vitally important part of a car’s air conditioning system that performs much of the cooling function and is located under the hood of a vehicle.

Jun. 01, 2019
How Your Car Air Conditioner Works?

At present, it is almost impossible to think of a car without Air Conditioning (A/C). Especially when we live in warmer cities every day. This device has become one of the main tools in driving, as it provides us with fresh air durin...

May. 28, 2019
Condenser--Vapor Compression

The single-stage vapor compression refrigeration system consists of four basic components: a refrigeration compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a throttle valve. They are connected in series by pipes to form a closed system.

May. 23, 2019
What Is A Condenser?

Condenser The air conditioning system's components that transfer heat from the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast manner. Most of the car is placed in front of the tank. A device that converts a gas or vapor into a liquid.

May. 20, 2019
How Does The Condenser Perform Chemical Cleaning?

Here is Auto Ac Condenser Suppliers talking about How Does The Condenser Perform Chemical Cleaning.The evaporative condenser is a heat exchange refrigeration device that takes heat away by the exchange between refrigerant, wate...

May. 14, 2019
Control Method Of Cooling Fan For Automobile Air Conditioner Condenser

A/C switch and water temperature switch combined control type:When the air conditioner is not working--The operation of the fan depends on the engine water temperature.

May. 10, 2019
Disassembly Of The Compressor

If it is determined that the compressor itself is faulty, the compressor must be removed for repair or replacement. The method of disassembling the compressor is as follows:1. Disconnect the compressor electromagnetic clutch connecting t...

May. 05, 2019
Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Problem

Many people ask if the car air conditioner compressor can be repaired. In fact, the car air conditioner compressor can be repaired, but the car air conditioner compressor generally has a special maintenance mechanism for maintenance.

Apr. 28, 2019
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