What Should I Do If The Car Air Conditioner Condenser Is Blocked?

Car condensers are clogged, generally means that external dirt and blockages affect heat dissipation, and there is no blockage inside the condenser. Below the NISSAN PICKUP Auto AC Condenser supplier will take you to see h...

Nov. 23, 2019
How To Clean The Car Air Conditioner Condenser?

Car air conditioning is an auxiliary device, and its mission is to try its best to drive the driver's comfortable driving environment. The condenser is at the forefront of the car and belongs to one of the four major components of the air...

Nov. 15, 2019
How To Clean The Car Air Conditioner Evaporator?

The function of the air conditioner evaporator is to use the liquid low temperature refrigerant to evaporate at a low pressure, convert it into steam and absorb the heat of the cooled medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration.

Nov. 08, 2019
What Are The Faults Of Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors?

Automotive air conditioning compressors are the heart of automotive air conditioning refrigeration systems and function to compress and transport refrigerant vapors. As a high-speed rotating working part, the air-conditioner compressor ha...

Nov. 01, 2019
The Difference Between Condenser And Evaporator

What is the difference between a condenser and an evaporator used in an automotive refrigeration system? The A/c Refrigerant Discharge Hose Manufacturers will come to tell you.

Oct. 25, 2019
How Should The Car Condenser Be Cleaned?

The condenser is an important part of the car air conditioner, which affects the cooling effect. How can the car condenser be cleaned?

Oct. 18, 2019
What Are The Optimized Configurations For The Evaporative Condenser?

As a Volvo Auto AC Condenser Supplier, we know that the operation cost of the equipment is also very important for the manufacturer.

Oct. 11, 2019
How Is The Car Evaporator Fixed On The Pipe?

As a Auto AC Evaporator Supplier, we know that the evaporator is available in tube, tube and stack. At present, China's cars mainly use all-aluminum cascading and tube-and-belt evaporators.

Sep. 26, 2019
Dis-assembly And Assembly Steps Of Automotive Air Conditioner Evaporator

The evaporator is a very important component in the four major parts of refrigeration. The low-temperature condensed liquid passes through the evaporator, exchanges heat with the outside air, and vaporizes and absorbs heat to achieve the ...

Sep. 23, 2019
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