How To Clean And Maintain Automobile Air Conditioner Condenser?

Jan. 18, 2020

A condenser is a component of a refrigeration system and belongs to a type of heat exchanger. It can convert gas or vapor into a liquid, and transfer the heat in the tube to the air near the tube in a rapid transmission manner. The function of the condenser is to dissipate and cool the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor, so that it condenses into a liquid high-pressure refrigerant. It can cool and liquefy the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant (gaseous refrigerant) sent from the compressor.

Automotive air-conditioning condensers are generally at the front end of the car. The purpose is to cool the refrigerant in the pipeline by the oncoming wind when the car is driving. If the condenser fails, it may lead to unbalanced line pressure. Air conditioner is malfunctioning. The structure of the condenser can be similarly understood as a radiator. The purpose is to increase the contact area so that the refrigerant can achieve the maximum heat exchange in the smallest possible position. The working principle of the condenser: The refrigerant enters the evaporator, the pressure decreases, and the high-pressure gas changes to a low-pressure gas. This process needs to absorb heat, so the surface temperature of the evaporator is very low, and then the fan can blow the cold air. The cold condenser is a high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant coming out of the compressor, and is cooled to a high pressure and a low temperature. It is then gasified through a capillary and evaporated in an evaporator.

The condenser and Evaporator in automobile air conditioners are collectively called heat exchangers. The performance of the heat exchanger directly affects the cooling performance of automobile air conditioners. The metal material consumes a large amount of volume, and its mass accounts for 50% to 70% of the total mass of the entire car air-conditioning device. The space it occupies directly affects the effective volume of the car, which is difficult to arrange. Therefore, it is extremely important to use an efficient heat exchanger. of. The condenser and evaporator in the automobile air-conditioning device should be matched with the compressor and also with the throttling and expansion mechanism. The working state of the condenser and evaporator directly affects the capacity of the refrigeration system (refrigeration capacity), the power consumption of the compressor, and the economy of the entire air conditioning device.

So todays focus is coming. Does the automotive air-conditioning condenser need regular cleaning and maintenance? The answer is yes! But 80% of the owners do not know how to maintain it clearly. So today, the supplier of NISSAN PICKUP Auto AC Condenser will share the cleaning and maintenance process of the automotive air conditioner condenser!



1. Open the hood, open the tool box of the evaporator / condenser cleaning tool of the visual air-conditioning system, and install the host with the display on the handle.

2. Open the cover of the "Visualization" air-conditioning evaporation box / condenser cleaning agent, use a screwdriver to break the sealing foil, and install the "Visualization" air-conditioning evaporation box / condenser cleaning agent on the visualization air-conditioning system evaporation box / condenser cleaning tool And confirm that the installation is not loose.

3. Connect the air source, press the start button on the upper part of the host to open the endoscope, insert the endoscope probe into the front of the condenser, and find the position of the air conditioner condenser.

4. Pull the handle switch to clean the air-conditioning condenser and change the position to facilitate cleaning the entire condenser.

5. If you need to take a photo or video, please install a TF card in the host in advance, and operate with the photo or video button.

After reading it, do you find it very simple? !! You can do it yourself at home! The above is the cleaning and maintenance method of automobile condenser introduced by the manufacturer of Hummer H3 Auto AC Condenser. I hope it can help everyone.

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