How To Clean The Car Air Conditioner Evaporator?

Nov. 08, 2019

The function of the air conditioner evaporator is to use the liquid low temperature refrigerant to evaporate at a low pressure, convert it into steam and absorb the heat of the cooled medium to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. Nowadays, cars are necessary for every household, so air conditioning evaporation is also a necessary part. So how should the air conditioner evaporator be cleaned? TOYOTA Matrix Auto AC Evaporator Manufacturer will come to tell you.

First, preparation before cleaning

1. It should be excluded that the interfaces of the ventilation pipe are poorly closed or detached;

2. Some high-end cars are equipped with air-conditioning filters between the fan and the evaporator, which must be removed.

a Open evaporator: Spray the foam directly on the surface of the evaporator and remove the surface blockage with a soft brush.

b Sealed evaporator: Remove the fan speed switch or temperature control component on the evaporator casing and spray it multiple times from its seat hole. Remove the blower next to the evaporator and spray directly into the evaporator. Some high-end cars, such as Buick Century Auto AC Evaporator, remove the air conditioning filter, open the air conditioner, adjust the air volume to the second gear, play the outer circulation, and slowly inject it from the air inlet. If there is no available position, you can use the tip of the electric pen to clean the hole at the outlet of the evaporator casing (to facilitate the blowing of the foam or sucking the evaporator into the air duct). ). It is sprayed directly into the evaporator from the clear hole several times, and the sealing hole can be glued or taped.

Buick Century Auto AC Evaporator

Buick Century Auto AC Evaporator

Second, the cleaning process

1. Turn off the electrical equipment such as audio, open the window, take away the odor, wait for the car to turn on the air conditioner for 5 minutes (let the evaporator surface with condensate), press the external circulation button, adjust the air volume to 2, turn off the air conditioner, shake The cleaning agent is sprayed directly onto the evaporator at different angles. After the air conditioner is turned on for 1 minute (Every bubble blows through the evaporator into the air duct), turn off the air conditioner. After 10-20 minutes, re-air conditioner, observe the cleaning effect. ), and the foam in the ventilation pipe is completely discharged from the air-conditioning drain pipe to seal and replace the removed parts (no need to wash).

2. The foam and dirt are emulsified and cleaned. The reaction process is 2 days. During this time, the air-conditioning dirt is automatically discharged from the drain pipe, and finally a protective film is formed on the surface of the evaporator.

Third, matters needing attention

1. Do measures to isolate electrical equipment to prevent foam overflow.

2. Some high-end cars can remove the air conditioner filter between the fan and the evaporator, and spray it from the air inlet (Mercedes, BMW, Audi and some British models).

3. Some high-end cars must remove the air conditioning filter between the fan and the evaporator (Lingzhi, Ford Tianba, Duke Wang, grace, etc.).

4. For a very small number of models equipped with audio equipment or computer boards under the evaporator, dry thick towel should be used on the surface of the appliance (Lingzhi, grace, etc.) to prevent the possibility of foam overflow and short-circuit it.

Fourth, additional instructions

When cleaning, please open the door or window to keep the car flowing for a period of time. This will take away some odors caused by cleaning dirt and viruses. Some people with sensitive sense of smell may smell some irritating smell from the air outlet. It is normal for the cleaning solution to react with dirt.

For vehicles that have not been cleaned for many years, the evaporator may be partially blocked, and the amount may be increased. After each spray, it is allowed to stand for 10 minutes to dissolve the dirt. Repeated cleaning several times. If it is severely blocked, please fold it repeatedly and brush it with a brush.

The above is the method of cleaning the air conditioner evaporator, I hope to help everyone. If you are interested in car air conditioner evaporator, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of models of air conditioning evaporators including CHRYSLER Sebring Auto AC Evaporator, welcome everyone to buy.

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