How Is The Car Evaporator Fixed On The Pipe?

Sep. 26, 2019

Find here details of High Quality Auto AC Evaporator. Today we would like to talk about how is the car evaporator fixed on the pipe.

The car evaporator is a component of the automotive air conditioning refrigeration system. Its function is to evaporate the low-temperature, low-pressure liquid refrigerant from the expansion valve into a gaseous state in its pipeline. This is an endothermic process that causes the evaporator and the surrounding air. The temperature is lowered, so it plays a role in cooling. The evaporator is only a heat exchange container. The key component to realize the evaporation process is the “expansion valve”. The expansion valve, also called the throttle valve, is installed at the inlet of the evaporator and is the boundary point between the high pressure and the low pressure of the refrigeration system. Its function is to The high-pressure liquid refrigerant of the liquid storage dryer is throttled and decompressed, and the liquid refrigerant amount entering the evaporator is adjusted and controlled, so that the liquid refrigerant having a higher temperature and pressure passes through the expansion valve, and the volume thereof becomes larger, and the pressure and temperature thereof drop sharply. The refrigerant is present in the evaporator in the form of a mist (micro droplets), which is the heat absorption principle of the evaporator.

High Quality Auto AC Evaporator

High Quality Auto AC Evaporator

As a Auto AC Evaporator Supplier, we know that the evaporator is available in tube, tube and stack. At present, China's cars mainly use all-aluminum cascading and tube-and-belt evaporators. The large-sized passenger cars mainly use copper-tube aluminum-plate evaporators. The medium-sized passenger cars are available in several forms, mainly tube-type. The air-conditioning heat-dissipating evaporator refrigerant passage is formed by two sheets of aluminum sheets punched into a complex shape, which are stacked together to form a splint to form a refrigerant passage. A wavy heat sink is placed between each of the two splints, and then stacked on top of each other to provide a relatively good heat dissipation effect.

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