What is the Bad Smell of Air Conditioner?

Recently, the highest temperature in Beijing, China, has reached 25°C. From winter to spring, it feels like overnight. Someone has turned on the mode of early warm air and noon air conditioning. However, many car owners find that th...

Mar. 27, 2020
What is the Role of Automotive Air Conditioning Condensers?

Car air conditioners are auxiliary devices, and their mission is to make every effort for the driver's comfortable driving environment. The condenser is at the front of the car and belongs to one of the four major parts of the air conditi...

Mar. 21, 2020
What Causes the High Temperature of a Car As Soon As It is Turned On?

The water temperature rises when the air conditioner is turned on, and everything is normal without the air conditioner. This is a relatively common fault. Today, the Ford Focus AC Condenser Supplier will give you a little bit of a...

Mar. 14, 2020
About the Working Principle of Car Air Conditioners

The components of an automobile air-conditioning system are composed of a refrigeration system, a heating system, ventilation and air purification devices, and a control system.

Mar. 07, 2020
Maintenance Method of Automobile Condenser

Condenser is an important part of automobile air conditioner, which affects the cooling effect. So how to clean the automobile condenser? Let's take a look at the maintenance method of automobile condenser with the Ford Focus AC Con...

Feb. 29, 2020
What is the Role of Automotive Air-conditioning Evaporator?

Automobile air conditioner evaporator is installed in the evaporation box. The role of the evaporator is to change the refrigerant from a liquid state to a gaseous state (that is, to evaporate) to absorb heat.

Feb. 22, 2020
What Does a Car Condenser Do?

Cars have been regarded as a very important means of transportation in today's era, and almost every household has it. The components of the condenser refrigeration system can convert gas or vapor into liquid, and transfer the heat in the...

Feb. 15, 2020
What is the Name of the Car Air-conditioning Evaporator?

Air conditioner evaporator is a kind of evaporator. The role of the air conditioner evaporator is to use the liquid cryogenic refrigerant to easily evaporate under low pressure, transform it into steam and absorb the heat of the cooled me...

Feb. 08, 2020
How To Clean And Maintain Automobile Air Conditioner Condenser?

A condenser is a component of a refrigeration system and belongs to a type of heat exchanger. It can convert gas or vapor into a liquid, and transfer the heat in the tube to the air near the tube in a rapid transmission manner.

Jan. 18, 2020
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